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1600 - 2000 Registration
1830 - 1930 Welcoming Drinks - Sponsored by AstraZeneca


0800 - 1000 Registration
1000 - 1100

Session 1 - Opening Session - Sponsored by AstraZeneca

Chair: Colin Furnival

Opening Remarks: Welcome Mary Rickard
Keynote Address: Advances in surgery Lars Holmberg
Keynote Address: Advances in medical oncology Nancy Davidson

1100 - 1130 Morning Break - Sponsored by Aventis Pharma
1130 - 1300

Session 2 - Genetics

Chair: Gerda Evans

Breast cancer genetics Judith Kirk
Clinico-pathologic characteristics and clinical management of women with BRCA1 and BRCA2 associated breast cancer Michael Friedlander
Counselling in hereditary breast cancer Kathy Tucker
Discussion Faculty

1300 - 1400 Lunch
1400 - 1530

Session 3 - Management of the Axilla

Chair: William McLeay

Results of the Swedish trial in sentinel node biopsy Lars Holmberg
Update on the SNAC Trial Neil Wetzig
Will sentinel node biopsy end the debate about routine axillary clearance?
- 'no' case Andrew Spillane, 'yes' case Boon Chua
Discussion Faculty

1530 - 1600 Afternoon Break - Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Medical
1600 - 1730

Session 4 - Applied Chemotherapy - Sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Chair: Michael Green

Treatment of metastatic disease Nancy Davidson
Significance of HER-2-neu David Grimes
NHMRC Clinical Practice Guidelines for the treatment of advanced breast cancer
Frances Boyle Discussion Faculty


0700 - 0830 Annual General Meeting
0900 - 1030

Session 5 - Research Issues

Chair: Cherrell Hirst

Role of ovarian ablation Nancy Davidson
Improving cancer diagnosis: Detection of preneoplasia in brea
st epithelial cells Julian Barden
Targeting molecular mechanisms in cancer Rosemary Balleine Discussion Faculty

1030 - 1100 Morning Break - Sponsored by Schering-Plough
1100 - 1230

Session 6 - Tumour Risk Management

Chair: Michael Bilous

Risk of invasive cancer after DCIS and LCIS Lars Holmberg
Molecular biology and the selection of hormonal treatment Stephen Birrell
The St Gallen classification for patients with node-negative breast cancer - Does it really work? John Boyages
Discussion Faculty

1230-1330 Lunch
1330 - 1500

Session 7 - The Place of Mastectomy

Chair: Margaret Pooley

Incidence of local recurrence after complete local excision (CLE) Lars Holmberg
Current practice in Australia: RACS Breast Audit data Peter Malycha
Advances in breast reconstruction Rod Cooter
The role of post-mastectomy radiotherapy Michael Izard
Discussion Faculty

1500 - 1530 Afternoon Break - Sponsored by Pharmacia Australia
1530 - 1700

Session 8 - Current Controversies Sponsored by National Breast Cancer Centre

Chair: Jack Jellins

Current issues in mammography screening Mary Rickard
Pathology diagnosis Michael Bilous
Late breast cancer presentation Anne Kricker
Hormonal replacement therapy after breast cancer - is it safe? (HABITS) Lars Holmberg
Oncology Nancy Davidson
Closing remarks Jack Jellins

1830 - 2300 Meeting Dinner - Sponsored by AstraZeneca

5-7 October 2017
Gold Coast

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