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ASBD Sixth Scientific Meeting photos

Keynote speakers: Prof Mark Pegram, A/Prof Stefano Ciatto, Clin A/Prof Michael Bilous, Mr Richard Rainsbury and Prof David Joseph

ASBD Executive Committee with keynote speakers
(from front left) Dr Marie-Frances Burke, Mr James Kollias, Prof David Joseph, Dr Daniel de Viana, Dr Michael Izard, Dr Wendy Raymond, A/Prof Jennet Harvey Prof Mark Pegram, Ms Solei Gibbs, Dr Nehmat Houssami, Dr Geoffrey Beadle, Dr Lynne Mann, A/Prof Michael Bilous, Ms Liana Bonfrisco, Prof Robin Stuart-Harris, Dr Warwick Lee, Mr Richard Rainsbury and A/Prof Stefano Ciatto

A/Prof Stefano Ciatto, Dr Nehmat Houssami and Prof Mark Pegram

Dr Daniel de Viana, Dr Lynne Mann, Mr Richard Rainsbury and Mr James Kollias

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