UPDATE - Join the ASBD, BreastSurgANZ and CoBrCa teams in Melbourne for the breast cancer educational event of the year in October! As is the tradition of ASBD conferences, optional workshops will be held on the first day of the Melbourne International Breast Congress. 

ASBD members who are conference delegates can register for workshops to be held on Thursday 11th October 2018 at a discounted member's price. Instructions will be emailed to ASBD members.

Morning Workshops

1. Clinical trial conduct in breast cancer
This workshop will provide an overview of the components of the conduct of interventional or observational clinical trials in breast cancer.

2. Pathology - shades of grey: When the answer is non-definitive
This workshop will focus on the “grey areas” of pathology and will include the spectrum of lesions from Atypia to DCIS and Lobular Neoplasia, Spindle Cell Lesions, ER, PR and HER2 testing controversies, and the relevance of grade in the prognosis of cancer.

3.The challenging patient
This fascinating workshop will explore “The challenging patient” and how to manage them: those who refuse conventional treatment, present late with “denial”, want “over treatment”, go “doctor shopping” or repeatedly miss appointments and then present in crisis.

Afternoon Workshops

4. Managing breast cancer in resource poor locations
This workshop will highlight some challenges faced by clinicians managing breast cancer in resource poor locations both within Australia and in our region.

5. Radiation oncology
This workshop promises to be an excellent opportunity with world-renowned international radiation oncologists in breast radiotherapy teaming up with local radiation oncologists and drilling down into three controversial topics in breast cancer management.

6. The tortuous road to diagnosis
A look at some of the difficult and controversial aspects of breast cancer diagnosis including appropriate breast imaging, uncertainties in pathology, guidelines for investigating a new breast lump, and deciding when surgery or observation is best for the patient.

An off-site ROLLIS workshop is being planned for Thursday afternoon. Details will be published here when they are available. 


For more information on workshops see: http://melbournebreast2018.org/workshops/.
To register go to: http://melbournebreast2018.org/register-for-the-mibc-congress/.