In 2021 the course will be redesigned to be more compliant with COVID safe practices.

This will include:

  • Half day of theory to be completed as an online learning course. This should be online by mid-May 2021
  • Half day of hands-on practical workshop to be completed within 6 months of completing the theory course. The practical workshop will be held in small groups in 3 - 4 locations in Australia depending on demand, probably in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.The Practical workshops should be available from June- October 2021.

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Applied Ultrasound for Clinicians

The Applied Ultrasound for Clinicians workshop facilitated by Dr Daniel de Viana, Prof Ian Bennett, and Mr Michael Law is designed for breast surgeons and other clinicians with limited prior experience in the use of ultrasound. This educational activity will meet BreastSurgANZ requirements for trainees and will be submitted to RACS CPD Program. The course is accredited towards CCPU by the Australian Society for Ultrasound Medicine (ASUM).

The course program includes:
 Physics of ultrasound
 Practical breast ultrasound optimisation
 Breast ultrasound anatomy, pathology and clinical applications
 Integration of office ultrasound into (surgical) practice
 Ultrasound guided biopsy
 Perioperative ultrasound techniques
 Practical workshop (Live scanning of patients; core, fine needle, and novel biopsy techniques on phantoms)