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The recorded lectures from the Breast Surgery 101 webinar broadcast live in November 2021, along with online quizzes form the basis of the Breast Surgery 101 online learning modules. 

The course is free to ASBD members thanks to a partnership with 3M and can be completed over several sittings at the user's pace.

The modules contain optional additional material based on the discussions with the panel during the webinar.

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Partnering with ASBD allows clinicians in all areas of Breast care to receive up to date research, training information, and resources, to ensure they continue to practice evidence-based care.

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BREAST SURGERY 101 has been developed by the ASBD to provide multidisciplinary medical professionals working with breast cancer patients:

• a relevant educational opportunity to understand the concepts of surgical treatment 

• a better understanding of patient selection and decision making for surgery

• and to achieve better patient care by creating a resource for the MDT members to appreciate the surgical pathways.



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Webinar chair Dr Sanjeev Kumar 
Paradigm shift from Mastectomy to Breast Conserving Surgery  Dr Samriti Sood
Axillary staging: SNB, AxCl and de-escalation  A/Prof Cindy Mak
Surgery and the role of Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy  A/Prof Elisabeth Elder
Principles of Breast Conserving Surgery  Dr Peter Chin
Terminologies and overview of Oncoplastic Breast Conserving techniques  A/Prof Elisabeth Elder
Principles of Mastectomy  Dr Peter Chin
Terminologies and overview of Mastectomy and Immediate Reconstruction  Dr Farid Meybodi



  • Create a relevant educational opportunity to understand the concepts of surgical treatment
  • Provide a better understanding of patient selection and decision making for surgery
  • Achieving better patient care by creating a resource for the MDT members to appreciate the surgical pathways.


  • Improved knowledge of the various surgical options available in breast conserving surgery
  • A basic understanding of patient selection and the application of different surgical options in immediate breast reconstruction
  • Improved knowledge on the patient selection process for surgical treatment


Paradigm shift from Mastectomy to Breast Conserving Surgery

  • Background of Mastectomy and development of BCS
  • Historical and newer data on BCS – long term survival outcomes
  • Margin status: definition of margin clearance for Invasive and DCIS
  • BCS and decision making

Axillary staging: SNB, AxCl and de-escalation

  • AxCl: Rationale, Indications, morbidity
  • Complications: management of drains, neuropathic symptoms etc..
  • Development of SNB: Indications and techniques of SN mapping
  • De-escalation: Management of SN positive cases: AxCl vs Axillary RT

Surgery and the role of Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy

  • Indications for NAC: TNBC, Her2 +ve, Luminal B (Luminal A?)
  • Goal of NAC, down-staging, PCR vs partial response
  • BCS and extent of excision post-NAC, pre-op clip placement, indications for re-excision
  • Axillary staging and NAC

Principles of Breast Conserving Surgery

  • Circumferential vs vertical margins, volume of excision, cosmesis
  • Intra-op margin assessment, Re-excision rates
  • Clip placement to guide Radiotherapy
  • Tumour localization: hookwire, ROLLIS, Magseed
  • Standard BCS: Incision, skin undermining, excision, glandular mobilization and approximation, closure

Terminologies and overview of Oncoplastic Breast Conserving techniques

  • Definition of Oncoplastic surgery: Level 1 and 2
  • Selection of techniques: Breast and tumour factors (size and position), ptosis, density
  • Periareolar, round-block, racquet-shape
  • Melon-slice, Grisotti flap
  • Therapeutic Mammaplasty and Perforator flap

Principles of Mastectomy

  • Indications of Mastectomy
  • Risk of Complications: Radiotherapy, smoking, infection etc..
  • Aim of Total Mastectomy: flap design, completeness of excision, avoiding dog ear
  • Nipple-sparing vs skin-sparing vs skin-reducing (Wise pattern) Mastectomy

Terminologies and overview of Mastectomy and Immediate Reconstruction

  • Immediate Reconstructive options: Implants and Autologous techniques (DIEP, TRAM, LD)
  • Implant reconstructions: Implants, ADM/Mesh, Pre-pectoral vs. sub-pectoral
  • Decision making and patient selection


Dr Peter Chin

Peter chin

Peter Chin is a specialist Oncoplastic breast surgeon working at Tauranga Hospital and Grace Private Hospital, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. He is the lead surgeon for the Tauranga Hospital Breast Service and the Bay of Plenty Breast Screening program for over 13 years. He graduated from the University of Melbourne and completed his surgical training in New Zealand. Thereafter, he undertook his subspecialty training at the Edinburgh Breast Unit before returning to New Zealand in 2006.

Peter is an Executive Director of the Australasian Society for Breast Disease and is on the Oncoplastic subcommittee of Breast Surgeons in Australia and New Zealand (BreastSurgANZ).  He is a passionate teacher in Oncoplastic surgery and has been actively involved in the teaching faculty for the BreastSurgANZ Oncoplastic breast workshops since 2015. He has convened several Oncoplastic workshops and contributed to the University of Sydney’s Postgraduate/Masters Breast course. He is also an honorary lecturer with the University of Auckland. Peter performs a wide range of Oncoplastic procedures including Therapeutic Mammaplasty, Perforator flaps, fat grafting, Implant-based as well as autologous Lat Dorsi Flap reconstruction. 

A/Prof Elisabeth Elder

elisabeth elder

Elisabeth is a senior specialist breast surgeon at the Westmead Breast Cancer Institute and at Lakeview Private Hospital, with a special interest and expertise in oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery. She is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Sydney and is involved in numerous research projects and clinical trials as well as teaching of medical students and trainees.

She graduated from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden in 1992. She then completed her general surgical training together with a PhD in tumour biology in 2002. After migrating to Australia, she specialised in breast cancer surgery at Concord Hospital, the Royal Hospital for Women and Royal North Shore Hospital. She completed her Australian surgical fellowship (FRACS) before taking up a staff specialist position in the Breast Cancer Institute at Westmead Hospital. Elisabeth returned to the Karolinska Hospital during 2009 to develop skills in oncoplastic breast surgery techniques.

Elisabeth is President of the Australasian Society of Breast Disease (ASBD) and one of the clinical leads to the Australian Breast Device Registry (ABDR). She is the previous chair of the oncoplastic committee of Breast Surgeons in Australia and New Zealand (BreastSurgANZ) and a council member of Breast Surgeons International. She has been a convenor and teacher at numerous national and international workshops in oncoplastic breast surgery and frequent lecturer at conferences.

 Dr Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev kumarSanjeev is a Medical Oncologist and Clinician Scientist who grew up in country NSW, before completing undergraduate medical studies at the University of New South Wales in 2006. He trained as a Medical Oncologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and in the United Kingdom.

Sanjeev moved to Cambridge (UK) in 2015 to undertake a fellowship in the Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cancer Drug Development Unit. He was then awarded a University of Cambridge scholarship in 2016 to complete a cancer molecular biology PhD at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, with a focus on Oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. Simultaneously, he ran a UK-wide clinical trial for patients with ER-positive breast cancer.

Sanjeev has returned to Australia to continue his clinical and academic focus on breast cancer with positions at Lifehouse, The Kinghorn Cancer Centre and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. He has a keen interest in the education of trainees, public engagement and clinical trials.

  A/Prof Cindy Mak

cindy makCindy completed her medical training with honours at Sydney University. She obtained her general surgery qualifications in Sydney and subsequently went on to sub-specialise in breast surgery. She was the Breast Fellow and Surgical Superintendent at Concord Hospital and went on to obtain further oncoplastic surgery experience at the Edinburgh Breast Unit, UK, as a fellow and consultant surgeon. She returned to Australia in 2009.

Cindy is a visiting medical officer at BreastScreen NSW, a member of the Australasian Society for Breast Disease, the ANZ Breast Cancer Trials Group, the Australian Medical Association and is an honorary scientific officer at The Garvan Institute.

She is an active member of Breast SurgANZ, the speciality society for surgeons treating breast cancer. She is the chair of the oncoplastic subcommittee of Breast SurgANZ, a committee dedicated to supporting breast surgeons with an oncoplastic surgery interest.

 Dr Farid Meybodi

Farid MeybodiDr. Farid Meybodi is a Breast Oncoplastic surgeon in Westmead Breast Cancer Institute and a clinical senior lecturer at the University of Sydney. Dr. Meybodi completed his general surgery training in 2005 in Iran and experienced two years as a consultant surgeon in Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Science before migrating to Australia. He was awarded FRACS in 2013 following further training and assessment by the Royal College of Surgeons. He spent three years as a Breast and Endocrine Fellow in Nepean, St George, and Westmead hospitals.

Dr. Meybodi has a particular interest in oncoplastic surgery and mainly post mastectomy implant-based breast reconstruction. His research projects are focused on the application of 3D Imaging technology in breast analysis, surgical planning, simulation and patient education in breast surgery.

He is also has been the leading innovator and researcher in the development of a new method for salvage of infected breast implants.

 Dr Samriti Sood

samriti soodSamriti is a Specialist Breast and General Surgeon who offers expertise in the management of women with all breast related conditions. She is a trained general surgeon who sub-specialises in breast surgical oncology, utilising oncoplastic techniques and offering women reconstructive surgery as they make important choices regarding their overall body image and subsequent quality of life during and after cancer treatment.

She also offers treatment for a variety of general surgical conditions including abdominal and inguinoscrotal herniae, skin and subcutaneous lesions, and acute general surgery.

Samriti graduated with honours in medicine from The University of New South Wales. She is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, a member of General Surgeons Australia and the BreastSurgANZ Society. After completing general surgical training across major tertiary and regional NSW/ACT hospitals, she completed a Masters of Surgery and a Graduate Certificate in Surgery (Breast Surgery) from The University of Sydney. She then spent two years gaining extensive post-fellowship training and experience in breast oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery across Northern Sydney Area Health Network hospitals and Westmead hospital.

Samriti is an experienced surgeon and dedicated teacher who is involved in regular teaching activities for medical students and postgraduate students. She has published in peer-reviewed journals and presented in international & national scientific meetings. She continues to engage in regular research activities and is actively involved in clinical trials for breast cancer management.

Samriti regularly operates at Mater Hospital, Royal North Shore Hospital and the Northern Beaches Hospital. She also has an appointment at North Shore Private Hospital.