Applied Ultrasound for Clinicians

The 2021 course has been redesigned to be more compliant with COVID safe practices.

The Applied Ultrasound for Clinicians course includes:

  • Approximately 4 hours of theory to be completed as an online learning course, as a prerequisite to the practical course. 
  • Half day of hands-on practical work to be held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.The Practical workshops will be available from August - November 2021 and have been supported by BD/BARD.

The Applied Ultrasound for Clinicians workshop facilitated by Dr Daniel de Viana, Prof Ian Bennett, and Mr Michael Law is designed for breast surgeons and other clinicians with limited prior experience in the use of ultrasound. This educational activity will meet BreastSurgANZ requirements for trainees and will be submitted to RACS CPD Program. The course is accredited towards CCPU by the Australian Society for Ultrasound Medicine (ASUM).


The course will take approximatey 4 hours to complete. Approximate module completion times are shown.The course may be completed over a number of sittings. You may exit the course at the end of a module and resume later. (Remember your login details)

The online course program includes the following 9 modules.:

  • Scope of Ultrasound for Breast Surgeons (12 minutes)
  • Physical Principles of Ultrasound Part A (32 minutes)
  • Physical Principles of Ultrasound Part B (40 minutes)
  • Breast Ultrasound Anatomy, Pathology and Clinical Applications (25 minutes)
  • Practical Breast Ultrasound Optimisation (18 minutes)
  • Overview: Role of Clinician Performed Breast Ultrasound (35 minutes)
  • Integration of office breast ultrasound into clinical practice (30 minutes)
  • Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsy and Perioperative Ultrasound Techniques (36 minutes)
  • Fulfilling Accreditation & Medicare Requirements (12 minutes)


The Practical workshop will include various work stations involving live scanning of patients and core, fine needle, and novel biopsy techniques on phantoms.

Tentative dates for the Practical Workshops are:

Brisbane - Saturday, 21st August 2021, morning

Melbourne - Saturday 11th September 2021, morning

Sydney - Thursday 18th November, afternoon

BD 002

BD are proud to partner with ASBD in 2021 to support practical workshops to improve and develop Ultrasound Vacuum Assisted Biopsy skills.

BD/BARD have been leading supplier and educator of Biopsy products since the 1980s.

Practical workshops will be held across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and our team of experienced advisors will assist with:

  • Vacuum Assisted Biopsy and lesion removal skills
  • Tips and tricks on difficult lesions or areas of the breast
  • Try new techniques and products to develop a personal preference
  • Provide confidence for clinicians to perform these procedures back in their own practice
  • Practical skills for B3 Lesion removal in-line recent evidence


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